ECC Survival Guide

Alright, we’ll admit, we’re a much smaller event compared to our sister show, the Edmonton Expo, but even still, it’s good to know what you’re getting into before coming to the ECC! So we’ve provided a handy little guide to help make your ECC experience this weekend the best one possible!


-Bring cash! There is a bank machine on site that they’ve promised to fill, but there’s no guarantee the machine will stay full throughout the day. So avoid long lines or walks to banks down the street by coming prepared with mucho cashola! (We have an outside company scheduled to provide additional bank machines for all future ECC events).


-Collector Socials! We’ll be running a series of Collector Social events throughout the day to get people together, network and help further build the collector community. We encourage everyone to attend the events as they pertain to your collecting bugs, make some new friends and get back to the human side of social networking.


-Wear comfy shoes! While you won’t be packing on the crazy miles you might at an Expo, you will be on your feet for a while so be prepared!


-Parking! The Chateau Lacombe has an attached parkade with over 600 stalls and only charges $2 for the day. There is also ample free street parking in the downtown core on Sundays.

-Upcoming shows! If you can’t make this show, don’t worry! We have three more happening this year! June 8th, August 10th and Nov 16th.


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